The Christmas Door


Auteur : Pascal Verrier
Illustrateur : Frédéric Lavoie
Collection : La Porte de Noël
Âge : Préscolaire, maternelle, premier et deuxième cycles
Dimensions : 9′ x 11′
Nombre de pages : 36
Couverture : Cartonnée
ISBN Papier : ISBN 978-2-924813-14-0

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December was just around the corner. While trying to help his grandfather with the Christmas decorations, Antoine found a mysterious object in an old dusty chest. His grandfather revealed that this was in fact a magical door, leading to the Christmas realm, an enchanted land filled with wondrous creatures. You can use the door to invite some of these creatures to visit you here, said his grandfather, but beware, there are rules to follow in order to activate the door properly…

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